Vendor/System Selection

The successful completion of any IT project and the perceived ease of its roll out is based to a large degree on the selection and management of vendors and the system.

Vendor and/or systems selections are complex and lengthy processes with potential risks that require the collection and analysis of large amounts of information.

Whether it is a fully integrated system covering all aspects of operations, or a single system to address a specific need, the procurement and selection approach for business technology should be planned to ensure that investment is a wise one and will deliver a significant return on investment. The selection process should be driven by business needs, not technology needs. We will ensure that you avoid this and other potentially costly pitfalls.

Counterhouse Consultants Limited has years of experience in working with solutions from industry leading vendors, allowing them to help in selecting the best vendor and/or systems for the project at hand. Using our well-proven approach and our thorough knowledge of the hardware and software marketplace, our business technology specialists will help you derive maximum benefit from your technology investments through the selection of the right system from the right source.

Our vendor/systems selection services will give you the following:

  • Impartial and pragmatic advice on the best technology solution for your needs due to the fact that we are independent and are not tied to any hardware or software product providers.
  • Help to reduce the cost and time associated with procurement and selection.
  • Evaluation of tenders on your behalf including conducting due diligence on your preferred suppliers.

Counterhouse Consultants is a multi-solution consulting firm with a passion for quality, honesty and excellence.

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