Risk Management

An effective risk management process is essential in today’s business environment. Knowing the potential risks facing your business and having a plan in place to deal with them should they occur can make the difference between success and failure.

Risk assessment is an important, yet difficult, first step in risk management. Identifying the range and extent of risks to your information is the basis for formulating and implementing the appropriate controls that mitigate or reduce any identified risks. Counterhouse Consultants Limited has engaged with companies from diverse industries and of various sizes to successfully apply proven methods to assess their appetite for risk – so as to develop the appropriate strategy to manage it. Using our risk navigator tool we can easily identify the key risks facing a business, assist with the development of effective risk management strategies, including devising frameworks to monitor, mitigate and manage such risks.

We adapt our risk management services to your company’s requirements. We can help your company use simple risk management techniques as a formal part of your normal planning and budgeting processes.

We recognize that a “one size fits all” approach to risk management is not appropriate – hence we tailor our service to your organization and your requirements. Our experts will assist you to:

  • Identify the risks facing your business by undertaking strategic risk assessment;
  • Evaluate the impact the risks would have upon your business;
  • Understand and communicate your risk appetite;
  • Profile the risks facing your business;
  • Determine an appropriate response for each of the risks, and
  • Implement effective risk management policies and procedures

Counterhouse Consultants is a multi-solution consulting firm with a passion for quality, honesty and excellence.

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