Project Management

As projects have grown in scope and complexity, companies are finding that they may not have staff with the requisite expertise to ensure quality, on-time delivery, and effective cost control. Many organizations have difficulty in delivering projects due to timings, ability and lack of understanding on how to effectively run a project. In most instances the chaotic business environment, scope definition and the “let’s just do it” mentality leads project to failure.

To help deliver project on time and within budget our team can provide expert project management advice and support. By providing full-time project management services, we can help give your project direction or offer an extra pair of hands at the critical stages of implementation. CHC offers a comprehensive set of project management services that can increase the quality, efficiency and success of in-house projects. These services include: business case analysis and justification; requirements definition; documentation; resource management and scheduling; vendor relationships management; change management; project rescue; project audits; project “kick start”; project staffing; documentation review and beginning-to-end project management.

Counterhouse Consultants is a multi-solution consulting firm with a passion for quality, honesty and excellence.

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