IT Security Assessment

As wireless networks, e-Business, and corporate espionage grow, so do the risks to company’s valuable business data.

Despite attempts to fortify networks with firewalls, encryption techniques, and other preventative measures, your network remains susceptible to outside attack.

Hackers and other criminal elements continually develop new tools to disrupt even the most sophisticated and secure network systems.  Attacks can go undetected, leaving your business vulnerable to security breaches such as network downtime or unauthorized access to sensitive data.

It only takes one weak point to inflict serious and costly damage.  To prevent such security breaches, CHC performs a combination of internal and external network assessments.  The IT Security Assessment provides a comprehensive evaluation of your organization’s information security posture. Our approach involves carrying out vulnerability and penetration testing on your information systems including the internal and external network systems. A vulnerability assessment is the process of identifying, quantifying and prioritizing the vulnerabilities in a given system. A systematic approach is critical to addressing all vulnerabilities. A penetration test is a more in-depth method of evaluating the security of a computer system, application or network by simulating an attack by a malicious user.

Our services will help you

  • Identify your security vulnerabilities, analyze them in a business and IT context, and build a strong security posture to thoroughly protect your organization.  Each service is customized to meet your specific requirements, and results in a comprehensive report detailing our findings, recommendations, and prioritized activity list.

Gain expert security consulting that is designed to accommodate your organization’s unique security requirements and environment.

Counterhouse Consultants is a multi-solution consulting firm with a passion for quality, honesty and excellence.

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