Feasibility Studies

Feasibility studies provide a thorough and independent appraisal of the commercial benefits and risks associated with an identified business opportunity. We recognize the fact that no organization can afford to commit resources to a project without prior assessment of the risks involved and the likely benefits.

Feasibility studies seek to answer the following questions regarding a new project, an operational improvement program or developing a new product:

  • What are the benefits; are they greater than the costs?
  • Do we have the resources needed?
  • Will the existing and prospective customers buy it?
  • What are the key business risks and potential slippages?
  • What happens if we don’t execute it?

Counterhouse Consultants Limited also helps, through the feasibility studies, to ensure that our clients take into consideration the financial, economic, technical, market, operational and, if appropriate, political factors to enable them to make the right decisions in order to generate a successful outcome.

Once we have analyzed the feasibility of the project we then develop an implementation plan, which will help in managing the key project objectives, milestones, and budget.

Counterhouse Consultants is a multi-solution consulting firm with a passion for quality, honesty and excellence.

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